Stranger Roads

Riddles in the Dark

Session IV

Session Recording

Awakening to a manor full of passed-out partygoers, our quartet wasted no time in launching their investigation of Ms. Rudo Jeffery’s home. Uncovering direct linkages to Rudo’s father’s influence over the city council; several tomes of significant magical (and abyssal) value; several magical house hacks; and a hidden passageway connecting to an underground network of tunnels beneath Tyr – the writing (and indeed, the gold leaf) was on the wall that night – citing Jeffery’s as a tremendously powerful and influential presence, ominously casting its shadow over all of Tyr.

But to what end?

Following the subterranean tunnels beneath Calisto, the party soon discovered just what was held trapped “beneath” the Spindle – and in taking up their magics and arrows for the first time since meeting, ended the enslaved interdimensional creature that was trapped there, stowed their findings, and scurried back to take their positions before the rays of first light hit the city.

But whether they’d meant to or not, far-reaching ripples had been set in motion, and there is no telling upon what distant shores those waves would fall….


Riftwood Riftwood

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