Stranger Roads

Session V: The Spider's Web

[audio still being edited.]

When last we left our well-intentioned party – they had mounted a thorough investigation into the disappearance of Peter Agermore. Under the pretense of attempting to locate Thain (in order to string along Tym the *Ranger), they interrogated a number of individuals at the Atriea Dixerut Curiosis and tracked his last known whereabouts down to a cult holed up at an underground monastery. Following a pitched battle, rife with strange red flames, a glowing pit, and a disturbing box of loose, old man skin (believed to be that of Thain) – Tym and Qona chased after the disappearing figure of Rudo Jeffery, who appeared to be fleeing the scene? But were generally disturbed to recognize her as not Rudo.

As a new day dawns, a handful of lingering matters remained to be concluded: an outstanding invitation to see Rudo at Calisto “after you’ve finished your little investigation”; locating the ship of Tym’s that Thain stole; and learning what became of Peter Agermore once and for all….


Riftwood Riftwood

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