Stranger Roads

Session VI: The Trap is Sprung

“Session Recording. ":

In the quickly-escalating events that followed, the party returned to Calisto to discover the staff viciously slaughtered, and Rudo Jeffery no-where to be seen. Investigating a magical-mirror, the party passed through a series of memories (not only some of their own, but also those of a young Rudo, and [could it be?] Thain) before breaking free of its hypnotic snare.

They regained their senses inside of a bag of holding, and broke out to confront the oddly calm, ostensibly “Rudo” who had carried them down (mirror and all) to the spider cave under the heart of Tyr. There, amongst repurposed components from Tym’s magical ship, a re-wired collar holding the spider’s snot-like chrysalis, all wired-up with thick canvas-coated cables – the party called-out “Rudo” for her uncharacteristic behaviour, and discovered the truth behind the facade:

Thain, a warforged construct, had insinuated himself into Rudo’s business, home, and body, in order to fuel the Jeffery empire’s assets into some great and terrible arcane device, built into the spider’s chamber. But as Thain attempted to destroy our party once and for all, he attacked not our heroes, but the convalescent spider – triggering a sound/migraine that knocked out Tym: his contracted killer.

A beat passed, and then a radical, muscully red devil entered reality just beneath the spider; just beneath Thain – and just beneath the piercing, spiny, collar of magical thorns, cobbled with cables to the contraptions sprawled out across the chamber’s floor.

In a deft movement, Thain scythed-off the spider’s collar, where it neatly dropped around the devil’s middle. Trumpeting “WHAT, THIS IS -- WHAT!?”, the arch-devil Bel, obviously not expecting this turn of events, was (you guessed it) trapped. Thain laid into the spider, hacking and cutting its malformed body, until in a freakish disruption of reality, the very world around the party was at once pulled-out in all directions, and compressed into an infinite speck….

TUNE IN NEXT TIME, for the stunning conclusion of Stranger Roads, Season 1!


Riftwood Riftwood

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